The TerrainShed team aim to provide the small scale wargamer with affordable & practical solutions with our handmade & ready-made tabletop terrain. We will be adding to the trees & forests currently available with other natural & man-made landscape features plus tools, gadgets & gaming aids soon.

Above is a showcase of our One-Piece Forests.

  • Available in eight different foliage style blends to suit any season or setting
  • Bespoke foliage on request
  • Two shapes, two sizes (plus your own designs)
  • Can be placed on hillsides where single trees might fall over
  • Wargame tabletop looks like an aerial view from above
  • Low snag, mottled felt 'undergrowth footprint' coloured in keeping with selected foliage
  • Matching single trees are available for further table detailing.

  • Features:
  • No individual trees to move around or knock over when accessing miniatures
  • Felt 'footprint' for positioning miniatures and for ease of relocation
  • Adjustable 'tree trunk' supports supplied, one for each corner and some for in between
  • Longest diagonal: small 10-12cm; medium 16-18cm
  • Max width: small 6-8cm; medium 6-9cm
  • Hexes: 4" to suit commercially available tile systems
  • Handmade for irregular outline (hence variable dimensions)
  • Larger or custom shapes and foliage styles possible at normal cost per cm²

  • Scale:
  • Most suitable for 2mm, 6mm & 10mm wargaming
  • OK for 15mm, depending on figure height
  • Maximum clearance under the tree canopy is about 30mm, so if your rules allow pike blocks etc to go into forests, they might get into trouble!
  • The closer the tree canopy is to the ground, the more realistic they look (shown with 6mm miniatures in photos).