VainGlorious: France 1940

Wargaming rules for 1:1 land battles with air support

Recreate the events of May 10th to June 22nd with these classically formatted but neatly tweaked rules.

  • Works with all figure scales
  • Suits battles between a few platoons of infantry and tanks
  • Hit & damage rolled into one
  • Simultaneous and alternating phases where appropriate
  • Data tables use vehicle and weapon specifications
  • Uses percentage dice or equivalent
  • Covers Belgian, British, Dutch, French & German matériel
  • Random events and other solo-friendly mechanics
  • Bulson historical scenario and Stonne mini-campaign

  • Hardcover £20
    Softcover £15

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    Banzai! (3rd edition 2017)

    The age of the country at war

    An elegant system focused on the feudal Japanese era (Sengoku Jidai) for the 6mm size of wargaming.
    This rules system is a tour de force and utilises unique features only found in 2D6 products!
    Like a "wind up and go" command system which brings feudal command and control to realistic expectations, stunning artwork layout and more!

  • Incredible period style artwork
  • Authentic period tactics explained
  • Realistic command and control
  • Fast and detailed system
  • 8 unique clans and 1 rebellious religious movement
  • Make your own clan
  • Supports 3, 6 and 10mm size miniatures
  • Enhanced Historical Notation.
  • Included Community Photographs of Miniatures.
  • New Troop Type - Mounted Samurai (Non-General).
  • Altered army generators to include the new unit, meaning a slight increase in cavalry units in overall army percentage.
  • Added Create Your Own Samurai Clan Generator!
  • Random generator tables to create your own clan, including starting units, daimyo character, religion and culture, zeal, arms and armour, and finally; tactics!
  • Enhanced Ikko-ikki Army List. Shrines now play an important part in this army.
  • Added Tutorial, Samurai and Ikko-ikki Scenario with Images.

  • Softcover £15

    (If outside UK, please click here to order through Wargame Vault)